Sunday, April 14, 2013

More progress

Finished another piece and wanted to share the progress on this one as well.
Ok, so this time instead of starting with value thumbnails I thought I'd sketch it instead. Started on paper and cleaned up in Photoshop. 
Moved into rough values underneath the linework
 Kept refining the values and slowly trying to get rid of lines
 Eventually made some compostional changes and continued to remove linework
 Started blocking in rough color using overlay layers and color layers. Started by putting an orangy color over the whole thing first.
 Starting to get more specific with the colors, trying to pay attention to color temperature. This step can be the hardest when working from black and white into color. It's easy to let the dark areas become to desaturated.
 Still tweaking
 Still tweaking and trying to get the color temperatures better. Also now trying to be more specific about textures.
Kept playing with the composition and eliminating some things, adding others 
 Now I'm looking for more bits of interest to add to the composition and try to give places for the eye to rest. Overlay layers help give subtle gradients to the lighting.

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