Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Four Days, Four Characters

I guess an update is in order. Second year at Ringling is over! I can't believe my peers and I are all going to be juniors come fall! Soon we will be working on our thesis's (thesi?) heh. Anyway, after spending a long time and a lot of worrying about what I'm going to do this summer it turns out I'll be going to Concept Design Academy for a ten week training program in character design, environment design, and another class in props and environments. I really do enjoy the pre-production side of animation so this will be a good chance for me to learn and improve my skills in design. I'm really excited for this opportunity!

In related news I have to put together a portfolio for two of my classes. The first step for me was to do four semi-realistic character designs. It was a good change of pace doing more realistic characters then I normally do. I do miss the opportunity to exaggerate proportions however. Here are my characters for portfolio.


  1. Theses :P

    Cool stuff Taylor! The mountaineer is my favorite. He's got a lot of character, and is excellently painted. Baba Yaga's also really nice, although I'm a little confused as to what's going on with her pelvis.

  2. Thanks Lindsey! Yea, now that you mention it that pelvis is pretty much non existent :P Heh I'll have to fix that or it'll continue to bother me.